How to Detect Faults in the Roof

24 Oct

The roof makes for an essential section of any house. It also faces some of the most severe punishment from the elements. With the number of storms set to increase in the near future, this section of your house cold incur water damage. You will be left with holes, leaks, and indoor flooding. You need to know the difference between a roof with integrity, and one that allows water damage. Here are the things that will point you in the right direction.

Water stains are probably the easiest way to tell there is trouble. The ceiling will show dark, circular spots. You get to understand there has been water damage that could allow water to pass through. The roof needs to be inspected at that point for the extent of the damage. You will find that it is broken shingles that are to blame.

When you see broken or missing shingles, you will know there is a problem. If they fell off, you will find the shingles around the house. You also need to climb up the roof for a closer inspection. Rain water and wind tends to act on the shingles, making them loose over time. One missing shingle should be enough for you to do something as soon as possible. It is cheaper and faster to replace it than it is to replace the whole roof.

Another bad sign is shingle granules in the gutter. The more they are, the extensive the water damage you face. Rain has the tendency to keep damaging the shingles, and the sun gets it cracked. You can see why you need to do the repairs early before the shingles get destroyed.

There is a need also to act when you see soft wood decking. You can go up the roof and walk about, feeling for soft spots. You need to be careful you do not break those rotten pieces. Soft wood shows it is rotting and it is not only water damage you need to worry about. Check out this product for the best roof repair or find out if your roof is damaged now! 

A sagging ceiling should also not be left unattended. Water damage may not manifest itself as the dark circular spots on the ceiling, but it can appear as saggy sections with bubbles and curves. When nothing is done, the water collects to a point where it overwhelms the ceiling and floods the room.

Water leaking tells you the damage on the roof is substantial. In most cases, you will see water spots on the floor, which tells you to get ready for a replacement. It is important that you do all you can to not let things get to that level.

After a rainy season, you need to check for these signs. It is important to act then before the next rainy season. You will discover more assistance when you call in the professionals, by visiting this site. Continue reading more on this here:

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